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Project Localities

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The SmD Project had established itself mainly in two places of Southern India, namely in Mundgod and Bylakuppe. The great Buddhist monastic universities are located here, each with several thousand monks and nuns. Now, new monasteries from all parts of India show interest in holding "Science Introduction Workshops" offered by SmD.

SmD Monasteries in Bylakuppe und Hundsur

Tashi Lhunpo http://www.tashilhunpo.org
Sera Mey http://www.serameymonastery.org
Sera Jey http://www.serajeymonastery.org

SmD Monasteries in Mundgod

Jangchup Choeling Nunnery http://www.jangchubchoelingnunnery.org
Drepung Gomang http://www.gomang.org
Drepung Loseling http://www.loselingmonastery.org
Gaden Shartse  
Gaden Jangtse http://www.gadenjangtse.com

Map of project locations